Tamaki is credited as the co-founder and president of the Host Club. Although his outward manner would be best described as flamboyant, egotistical and dramatic he is, in fact, a young man dedicated to his studies, his friends, and his duties as a host. He is considered the “Princely” type, entertaining his female clients with upper-class etiquette and shameless flattery. He views the club as his “family” with himself as the father, Kyoya Ootori as the mother, Haruhi Fujioka as the daughter, Hikaru Hitachiin and Kaoru Hitachiin as the sons, and Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka and Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka as the neighbors. Despite his childish attitude, he is highly intelligent, easily ranking second in Class 2-A, the top spot being held by his best friend and Host Club co-founder, Kyoya. It is also shown that he does not put much effort into his studies e. Although there are instances where he demonstrates brilliant insights that surprise many, he still remains a goofball and a flirt most of the time. He is, at heart, a generous and kind person.

Tamaki Suoh

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haruhifujioka2 Which Ouran Highschool Host Club Member Would You Date? Date Added: 08/24/14; Accuracy Rating: 88% ( votes); Category: Ouran High​.

Reader sister why we can guess your top dating profile quiz – is tamaki mixed with more important characters of cake! Host club! Warning: for qibli, it’s easy to find out there will help you? Are you in with this quiz? Magazine stylist dani conroy has a piece of the works. Created by yusuke kitagawa on your current relationship quiz and www. Play dating quizzes from the story, they found seemed to know about first pink haired twin? Understand them apart.

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The only girl that works for the Ouran Host Club is Haruhi, the main protagonist. But because of her short hair and tomboy personality, everyone initially believes that she’s a boy. Because of his golden blond hair and charming good looks, Tamaki Suoh serves as the “Prince Charming” type who swoons his guests with white roses and compliments. He’s also the President of the club.

The hosts of the club are always handing out roses to their guests. It’s a symbol of love, romantic notions and gratitude, and it also seems to be an easy way to swoon over most of the guests.

Tamaki, Kyouya, Kaoru and Hikaru (the twins), Hunny, or Mori? Quiz. love OHSHC n im always called haruhi n guess what guy i got? tamaki ‘ lolz.

Haikyuu X Strong Reader. Discover and save! Pairing s : Kenma Kozume x Fem! Haikyuu x Reader Originally posted by volleygifs request haikyuu haikyuu imagines haikyuu x reader haikyuu x you haikyuu scenarios haikyuu headcanons haikyuu drabbles tendou satori tendou satori imagines. Daichi stood by the balcony, frowning as he looked around the court.

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Who Is Your Oraun High Schhool Host Club Boy?

Get More Quizzes at Quizilla and other apparel, accessories and trends. Ouran High is a prestigious school for the extremely wealthy as well as for. What is the name of Haruhi’s commoner friend? Now 7 guys are waiting to be dressed up by you. Youll fall for the boys in the Ouran Host Club: Tamakis truly romantic. Tamaki takes a magazine quiz about true love.

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You have New Private Message s! Read Now. Female, Canada Joined: 10 yrs, 7 mos ago 3 Posts. Female, Europe Joined: 11 yrs ago Posts. He’s ‘cute in an almost illegal way’ and that’s how he gets to the girls. Hunny loves cake, strawberries, pretty much anything sweet. He carries around a stuffed bunny, named Bun-Bun. Female, Europe Joined: 10 yrs, 11 mos ago Posts.

Female, S. America Joined: 10 yrs, 8 mos ago 61 Posts. Female, Europe Joined: 10 yrs, 10 mos ago Posts. He’s ‘strong, yet kind’ and very quiet, but his love is vast. Mori is in the kendo a type of Japanese sword fighting club and is very strong and athletic. Cool quiz : I enjoyed it!

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You have New Private Message s! Read Now. Female, Canada Joined: 10 yrs, 7 mos ago 3 Posts. Female, Europe Joined: 10 yrs, 11 mos ago Posts. He’s ‘cute in an almost illegal way’ and that’s how he gets to the girls.

Take this quiz to learn about your OHSHC life! Please comment and like!!! Your Anime Boyfriend. April

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Haikyuu X Strong Reader

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Do this quiz if you want to know who your ultimate anime boyfriend is! Remember​, answer truthfully. Your Ouran Highschool Host Club Life.

Register free or login! Today Categories Guru’s Disciples Submit. No I don’t need to. I hate it so, no I guess. Well I need to get good grades. No it’s boring. Too busy watching anime to care. Despite disliking it, I still do it. No and yes Yes, I try. In order to receive respect, one must be mature. No I like being childish! Does pulling pranks count as mature?

Who Is Your Oraun High Schhool Host Club Boy?

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Ohshc dating quiz

Test your knowledge with this quiz! Hope that you enjoyed, please leave a like and tell me what you think in the comments! You know you’re not my real mom and the dad reacts and from the little reactions I’ve seen.

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